Các ông lớn nói về thị trường BĐS 2017

03:54 22/06/2017

10 doanh nghiệp có doanh thu cao nhất trong năm 2017 cũng chiếm 85% tổng doanh thu từ bán hàng và dịch vụ của các công ty bất động sản niêm yết, với giá trị tuyệt đối là 87.253 tỷ đồng.

Looking at the business results of the real estate business, can see this market in 2016 much more exciting than last year.

Sunwah Pearl, this group of businesses has collected a total of 102,738 billion revenue from sales and services. Compared with 2015, the group's total revenue has increased more than 56%, with an absolute value of more than 36,000 billion.

Vingroup, Novaland, FLC, Khang Dien (KDH) and Nam Long (NLG) are the top 5 revenue earners in 2016.

The top 10 enterprises with the highest turnover in 2016 also account for 85% of the total revenue from sales and services of listed real estate companies with the absolute value of 87.253 trillion dong.

Bat dong san 2016: The showcase of 'bees' 2
Residential real estate products of large enterprises are always welcomed by the market in 2016. Ảnh minh họa: Tien Tuan.
On profit results, with pre-tax profit of VND 12,499 billion, the top 10 largest earners also account for 80% of the total pre-tax profit of listed companies. In particular, Vingroup's profits alone accounted for 40% of the total pre-tax profit.

Biệt thự Vinpearl Premium Phú Quốc alone accounted for 57% of the total real estate group's listing, with VND58,598 billion in 2016. Novaland recorded VND7,369 billion in revenue, followed by FLC with VND6,348 billion, Khang Dien with 3,859 VND billion and Nam Long with VND 2,534 billion ...

Many experts in the real estate sector said that 2016 is the year the sector has grown the most since the freezing period 2010-2013. However, the market only flourishes with medium and large sized businesses.

Meanwhile, the group of small real estate business struggling with business results. Many businesses recorded declining profits, even net losses, such as Fideco (FDC) loss of 12 billion, while in 2015 still profit of 60 billion; IDJ Investment (IDJ) net loss of 7 billion.